Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tonight at Olive, Prince Memorial

Hi Everyone,

Let me know if you are going out to the sweep
area tomorrow.

I walked for about three hours with Bryan tonight,
talking to people as we went from Olive Park to
a little past Dutton.  We started at 5 pm.

There weren't any major groups of tents. We
talked to about 20 people, some briefly, some
extensively.  People have already scattered
and left.  The police have been very active
already.  But, there were many people
around in 1s and 2s.  We found two major
camp sites and 4-5 small collections of property.
I imagine there is more "stuff" hidden in
bushes and kept far out of sight.  We gave
some people flyers and copies of the
resource guide/

As usual, people said kind, thoughtful and
appreciative things.  Some were questioning
or angry about the sweep.  One guy said
that Homeless Action! didn't really fight for
homeless people.  Another one seemed interested
in coming to one of our meetings.

Some of you know Bryan who joined me tonight.
He brought his photos of homeless people's dogs
to our meeting once.  Wonderful work!

He's got an exhibit up at the Center for Spiritual
Healing Mezzanine in Santa Rosa.
2075 Occidental Rd.  They'll be up for a few
months and you can see them whenever the
Center is open.

Let's gather on Monday morning between 6-7 am
at the East end of Olive Park, at the picnic table
near the bridge.  I'll bring protest signs and bags
people can use to pack up their belongings.

795-2890 home land line

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