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Sunday, September 17, 2017


My name is Patrick Brewer, and I have been homeless for three years this November.  I am disabled, and unable to work.  I receive money from Social Security which is not enough for me to afford to rent or live in.  I barely have enough to survive.  I have talked and have asked various organizations that are supposed to work with homeless to better their situations, to which nobody has done anything to help me so far.  Many people have promised to help me.  Talk, talk, talk, always promise a lot. They don't follow through with.

Catholic Charities is the main entity which has breached their verbal contract to house me.  The police have victimized me multiple times.  I was convicted of a misdemeanor (shoplifting), and was placed on probation.  But they added a search and seizure clause that I can be search anytime, anywhere without probable cause.  I am a former paralegal, and have studied this topic, and have concluded that that the law says that I have waived my rights to privacy, and gave permission to whomever wants to search me.  Since being placed on probation, I have been searched over 20 times, to which I have been charged with 12 more misdemeanors and 2 felonies.  Each time I was searched, I was searched with no probable cause or reasonable suspicion.  It was only because they know I'm homeless, and am subject to e=search and seizure.  Most of the time, I have been as my bicycle rider, doing only business traveling to someplace, involved in no crimes or broken any traffic laws.  I have had them totally intrude and butt in on me in the place I used to stay at without any warning.  They poke their heads in, rip the door open, and pulls guns on me.  Every time they would trashed my place, my belongings they treated with no regard, breaking or damaging many things that I owned my possessions.  They ripped things apart, breaking objects, opening them up, dumping liquids from bottles and caps and containers, pouring liquids out and upon my things, not caring if it destroys my things.  They step and stomp upon my things no considering their actions.  They feel they the right to harass and intimidate and coerce me to injure my sense of freedom.  I feel I am in a concentration camp.  I am in fear and constant anxiety.  I realize I agreed to the terms of the probation, but only under duress.  They gave me no choice.  They basically made me agree or they would incarcerate me for the maximum time they could.  I have had to bail out three different times, and caused me great trouble and grief.  If not for the probation terms, I would not have received one charge.  I would have been charged with criminal conduct or breaking the law at the time of the conduct.  Not one time when the cops see, they automatically tell us  to stop, hands on head, turn around, and search me.  I am a I V drug user.  I am a heroin addict, and have to have heroin every day or I will get violently sick.  So I most of the time have heroin on my person.  Which they know this fact, and act upon it to abuse me and violate my rights as an American, as a citizen of the United States of America.    I am supposed to be protected.  It's my birth right, my God-given right.  But in Sonoma County, I feel I am slave, a non-citizen with no rights.  I pray every day for deliverance from this situation and relief from this plight.  Someone please help me, please.

Privacy Viiolations

September 11th, 2017
Santa Rosa, Ca

Tessala Mayer, am 55 years of age.  I am a resident of Santa Rosa.  Today, I witnessed or engaged in the following actions (actions taken in response to notice or police conduct.  Only what you saw, did, or experienced directly.  I have been homeless since July 2nd, 2017.  I am a survivor of domestic violence, and I am a disabled Vietnam veteran. 

Saturday morning, I was approached from a few of the people whom reside under the 6th Street where I stay, they informed me that an SRPD officer was unzipping all of the tents, not announcing himself, not asking anyone to wake up, get up, etc., nothing was said.  When I arrived, the officer was sitting in his car with one foot outside his car on the street.  I then informed all of the campers what he had done was illegal, and I went around and zipped all of the tents back up.  Most of them were still asleep, and had no knowledge of what had conspired.  The officer released the lady in his car, and drove away.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017



How would you feel if the money that supports you were given directly to your landlord, your doctor, your grocer, and your local bus system?  Would you feel like your independence and control were compromised?

I would.  I like the fact that I can chose where my money goes, and what I do with it.

So I'm going to propose we turn the financing of homeless service programs into what we all expect for ourselves.  What if we issued debit cards to everyone we serve, filled them with the funds we provide to our service organizations, and equipped the organizations with payment acceptance devices which additionally provided our system with the important service management information necessary for quality improvement.

Serving our customers and allowing them to provide the kind of feedback that incentivizes private businesses toward excellence, would seem a more effective means of insuring client-centered and focused services.  Additionally,  it moves us significantly forward in unifying our reporting systems to improve collaborations.

The technology is already here todo so.  Smart phones with charge cubes process credit cards for all of us, and backend databases analyze our movements and support our needs.  I'll bet there's a silicon valley startup which could be harnessed for this social benefit.

But that's not the key question.  Is the homeless service community ready and wiling to respond to their homeless clients in the same way that the rest of the world responds to us?


Friday, August 25, 2017

S.R. City Council Agenda Item 14.2 California Voting Rights Act



BACKGROUND: The Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (the “Education Project”), through its attorney Kevin Shenkman, has submitted a certified letter challenging the City’s at-large election of council members. The Education Project alleges that racially polarized voting within the City has combined with the City’s at-large election system to impair the ability of Latino voters to elect candidates of their choice or to influence the outcome of an election. The Education Project thus alleges that the City’s at-large election system may violate the California Voting Rights Act, and it threatens litigation if the City does not voluntarily transition to a district-based election system. Attorney Shenkman has submitted similar claims against cities, counties and school districts throughout California. The City Attorney recommends that the Council give direction as to the appropriate response to the allegations.

RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the City Attorney that Council state its intent to respond to a legal challenge, brought under the California Voting Rights Act, to Santa Rosa’s at-large voting system. Council action may be by: 1) Motion directing staff to research and defend against claims that the City’s at-large election system violates the California Voting Rights Act; 2) Resolution stating Council’s intent to place a measure on the ballot in June 2018, or as soon thereafter as is practical, proposing an amendment to the City Charter to transition the City to a district-based election system, and directing staff to undertake associated actions; 3) Resolution stating Council’s intent to transition to district-based elections by ordinance adopted pursuant to Elections Code Section 10010 and Government Code Section 34886, and directing staff to undertake associated actions; or 4) Motion directing staff to seek declaratory relief in Superior Court.

Staff Report
Attachment 1
Resolution 1
Exhibit A Resolution 1
Resolution 2
Exhibit A Resolution 2

Census Data from 2000 & 2010


Reviewing the research gathered by Heather Bromfield and Eli Moore, of the Haas Institute, in their important new study entitled "Unfair Shares: Racial Disparities and the Regional Housing Allocation Process in the Bay Area", I pulled out some interesting facts on Santa Rosa's population and number of housing units built, and expected to be built, over a span of 23 years:

Demographics tot Pop White Black Hiisp Asian
Santa Rosa 2010 167815 100126 3660 47970 8521
Santa Rosa 2000 147595 104521 3177 28318 5675
Change 20220 -4395 483 19652 2846
Permits # of Mod+ # of LI-
Units 2014-2022 (Proj) 3134 1528
Units 2007-2014 1746 804
Units 1999-2007 563 61
Total 5443 2393

Santa Rosa Political Earthquake Coming


This Tuesday's Santa Rosa City Council Agenda's last item is an earth-shaker.


BACKGROUND:  On July 17, 2017, the City received a claim alleging that the City’s at-large election of councilmembers is in violation of the California Voting Rights Act.

RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended by the City Attorney that the Council, by resolution, state its intent to respond to claim regarding the City’s compliance with the California Voting Rights Act. "

We might as well declare a political emergency, and admit that everything else the City is doing is now on the back burner.  The City has 90 days to act if it wishes to avoid the payment of large legal fees, and the imposition of district election boundaries by a judge.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Santa Rosa Plans for Updating their Housing Action Plan


Santa Rosa's efforts to update their Housing Action Plan will involve many opportunities for the public to voice their opinions on the ideas presented, and to suggest ideas for consideration.  The City's Planning and Economic Development Website now contains a list of the elements of the Update, and a description of the upcoming process:

Housing Action Plan

Please check it out, and join us in making the City's latest housing development work a success.  if you have questions, or just want to follow along as the process unfolds, contact Homeless Action!
at 707 795-2890.

Gregory Fearon