Sunday, February 10, 2019

Traveling in 2019-2020.

Pat and I have confirmed travels in 2019 and 2020 that will carry us to a few more places we've never seen.  Actually, we start at an old favorite of Pat's.  New Zealand's North Island will be our home for a month beginning ion February 19th.  From there, we're on to Taiwan, and South Korea, and we'll be back April 3rd.

On September 1st, my nephew Cody and his girlfriend Brittany are getting married in Pennsylvania.  After flying out to attend the wedding, we'll stop over in Hudson, New York, to spend some time with my Aunt Kitty. who used her four-year older wisdom to help me survive childhood.

Finally leaving the country, we'll fly through Paris to Morocco, where we'll spend a month in the desert (sans camels).  I'm trying to convince Pat to return home via Portugal and the Isles of Guernsey and Jersey, returning in late October.

We've delayed our trip to Eastern Europe (Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Belarus).  We're waiting for a time when the weather is more supportive.
Next spring, we're flying to India and Sri Lanka on our own tour with an experienced driver for two months.  And I'm still lobbying for adding Madagascar before coming home.

The fall of 2020 will either be a wonderful recapture of the America I used to know and love, or the beginning of a very long series of travels to places we still haven't visited.