Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tonight at Olive Park

Alice Linn and I went to Olive Park around 6 pm tonight.  It was light out and a comfortable temperature.

Alice had cooked up two pans of pork, rice and peas which she offered people with applesauce on the side.  It was yummy.
I bought a case of thick black trash bags to hand out.

When we arrived there were 4-5 people hanging around near the picnic table.  We invited them over and spread out the food.  Over the course of about an hour we gave food to 15-20 people. Some were passing on the trail; others probably heard about the food or saw someone eating.

Most of them didn't stick around to talk much.  Some people said they'd talked to the police who'd been telling them to move out of the park, not saying Monday but saying "the park is closed."  One person said there were many homeless people over by Food Max.

Piece was there, the man who came to our meeting on Monday for the first time.  He took flyers and offered to spread them around.  There was one collection of belongings off the path down by the creek.  One of the people there said they were working on getting it organized so they could leave. Much of it was bundled and covered with plastic.

One man said he had been trying to get into the Sam Jones shelter for weeks.  I said that he should return on Monday morning and he'd probably get right in.  It's ironic but this is someone who might be helped by what is going to happen.

I've heard from some of you about what you've been finding when you talk to people in the sweep area.  I've heard that people are being cleared now; that no one is around in Olive Park; that people are further down the Joe Rodota Trail...

Please let me/us know if you go out.   Let's share what we learn.   People will be scattered. People will be hurt.  We can prevent some of that and document offenses for the court if we spend some time now talking and getting some of the paperwork set up.


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