Sunday, March 17, 2019

More From Now

Mar 18th
I nearly died in 2002. I was intentionally attempting to drink myself to death/ nearly succeeded; 4 days in ICU on a respirator, pneumonia, 21 more in post-op, released 12/7 Pearl Harbor Day. As I got into the taxi I said to myself "well that didn't work, now what am I going to do?" 

I'm still not sure, but I think the portents suggest that I give voice to what others think but dare not speak. People have listened to my rants and agreed with me. I am not alone! This hijacking of America needs to be confronted in the boldest terms possible. These terrified marionettes need to be called to book. They betray their oath by dis-enfranchising 70% of the population without realizing it includes them! What?

I feel like an attack dog. I'm rolling out the howitzers and I take no prisoners. I just need to be mostly polite so I can't be dismissed as "loony". How about if I walk 4th St. at lunchtime wearing a diaper, my urine collection bag and a sandwich board saying "SRCity indifferent to the elderly, infirm, working poor", and handing out pamphlets with the home addresses of Council and every department head? I could rotate and hit every major shopping area. I could also have 40 bags of humanure on Council's front lawn at 4 a.m..

Fat hogs with their snouts in the public trough will not leave willingly. They must be driven!

Mar 17th
Gallaher through son-in-law Flater spent 200k+ on Olivares, Tibbits, Don Taylor (never a winner) for '16 election. Sued PD for "defamation" for reporting it. 3 judge panel dismissed as "frivolous" & PD legal fees must be paid. All about the deal for Chanate, voided by local judge, sweetheart deal 9m less than appraisal. Thanks Bd. of Supes.

Drain the swamp locally. Developers have owned government since post WWll/Codding. 200k would have bought 65 of those 3k Home Depot kits. Poppy Bank. Many local districts are laying off teachers, reduced enrollment. The fire? Major flooding on RR, 155m damage, worst in 25 years.