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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sonoma County BOS Homeless Housing Reports


This Tuesday morning, beginning probably sometime before 9:30am, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors will hear from its staff about the possibility of a ballot measure on a Housing Bond, the 2018 Homeless Count Survey, be asked to adopt a Homeless Emergency Declaration, and hear about the current and potential federal and state homeless funding expected to be available.

To read the staff reports, click on the following links:

Housing Recovery Ballot Measure

2018 Homeless Count Survey and Homeless State of Emergency

Continuum of Care 2017 Awards for the Homeless System of Care

Funding awards for FY 2018-19 for Community Development Block Grant, HOME InvestmentPartnerships, State and Local Emergency Solutions Grant Programs, Community Services Fund,Low/Moderate-Income Housing Asset Fund, Winter Shelter funds, and funding for Samuel L.Jones Homeless Shelter and Rapid Rehousing Programs 

Housing Authority Program Updates

Also on the BOS Agenda (in the consent Items) is the Sonoma County Economic Development Board's Strategic Sonoma Action Plan, a year-long, 240-page study funded with $250,000 from the BOS.

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