Friday, June 30, 2017

Santa Rosa's Open Data Portal - Homeless and Affordable Housing Data


The City of Santa Rosa's website contains information on the performance of the City in addressing the homeless and affordable housing crisis.

Homeless Services in Number of People per Quarter

Affordable Housing Completed by Fiscal Year

Code Enforcement Cases Open Through March 2017

Check out these, and lots more performance data

And there's even a map of the Homeless Encampments.  The map combines census and police incident reports all over the town in the last six months, and identifies 13 locations where there are more than 9 people sleeping outdoors.  By far the most people are along the Joe Rodota Trail (75), followed by downtown's 101 overpasses (67), Bennett Valley Hwy 12 extension (47), and Bicentennial Hillside (30).  All others have less that 15 each.

Bennett Valley Extension and Bicentennial have high fire risks.  101 overpasses has the highest calls for service (703 - 35% in response to phone calls), followed by Joe Rodota Trail (219), Bennett Valley Hwy 12 Extension (119), Railroad Right of Way between W. College and W. 9th (85). and SR Creek east of Farmers Lane (81).

All this and lots more cool stuff at the Santa Rosa Data Portal

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