Thursday, February 23, 2017

Palms Inn Residents Comments

Adrienne: It’s up to all of us to make it work, because it is about saving peoples lives.
Greg: comments: Palms has almost a year of existence, last Feb.1 the first person was moved in.
Resident meetings are held all the time, people quitting &______________________.
Sybil: came back to mtg, because the last one was a bad one.  She complained that there was a rule against no smoking in room, yet no place to smoke outside without getting wet. No reply to complaint.  Gazebo is being rebuilt.
Judi: resident
Jay: Was in Press Democrat, where is internet connection?
Linda: Need to have a community & don’t need agendas. There is a Resident Advisory Committee.  Let’s not yell at each other.
Marshall: Yesterday's mtg.- complained about lack of internet & wifi.  A resident said he would do the work.
Jay: We have been told that it costs $100,000 to have internet.  Library – He said we are always kicked out for special mtgs.
Time to fish or cut bait.
Danielle: Resident, was told that sheriff has names of all Palms tenants.
Jennilynn: Does not believe so, not that she knows of.
Danielle: People are not happy. One washer and dryer that never works.  Need more than one washer for over 100 people.  New HUD Director - how is the predator in Chief going to effect us here????
Jimmy: Last year 8 residents died; 7 of the 8, it is questioned if they died of depression.  Minimal entertainment is needed. Is there any way to pay for it on scale? Just like rent, a certain % percentage of income.  He pays most rent of everybody. One death per month due to lost hope. Need entertainment. Has asked.
Chris: Beating a dead horse, but need internet to be able to work. Internet is tool that must have to get out of here.
Tim S.: Had to sign a consent.  Hippa violation, HIPPA requires info remain private & guarantees that it will not be shared.
Akosh: Desires to answer questions. It has been a year, and he has been here almost daily.
Washers & Dryers: Hired company to put their own washers up, and they can service them.
There is a long-term plan to convert commercial room to laundry room. Now One washer, two dryers.
Adrienne: Timeline? Cable question: Can’t the Palms obtain one main connection, and every room gets feed?
Danielle: Capitalism
Akosh: He tried to get the company to donate, because of expense ($3,000/mo for cable ony.  Have hospitality account- % of income.
Greg: Frustrated, and wants everybody to call cable company.
Jennilynn: Staff has researched, Comcast cannot do it. Now looking for Sonic to provide the service.
Washer and dryer issues have now gone to the Resident Advisory Council, now being refreshed.
Ben Carson had the same concerns about HUD - locally the community embraces this program, and would probably fill in if HUD cuts us off.
Denise: $40/mo. for a box, but declared a residence. Will die if doesn't get entertainment.
Akosh: County zoned as housing.
Nick: Has received two warnings for visitors after 8pm; extenuating circumstances. Is 64 yr old & needs religious support because (scriptures).  Catholic orgs should…
Judy: Washroom - is it possible to make it more accessible?
Jennilynn: May someday be annexed by city.  She is advocating for a crosswalk.
Victoria: Resident Advisory Council guidelines.  Grievance process; how it works.
Bob: Too much riff-raff. He has chased people out at 8pm. Everybody who works leaves.  Not everybody who comes in is either a guest or resident.  Stuff gets stolen.  Resident accosted by visitor.
Jennilyn: Community closes at 8pm.  Decision made at request of community.
Beth: From Georgia, not used to being homeless.  Washes clothes in closet, cannot hang clothes.  Objects to color on walls.  It’s the same as used in mental institutions.  Must use furniture.  Need regular sink, unsanitary.
Danielle: Rent paid for no good sink.
Sybil Ellis: Everybody is bitchin' when should be thankful because before we were living in tents.
Lisa; Need some level of gratification, everything takes time to do.  Need security crews, carpet got stolen from 2nd floor.  Need to welcome dogs, so dog owners know and can adjust.
L :  Safety zone out of control.
Roy: Residents skills should be recognized, and that he is a taxpayer.
Sandy: Agrees w/ Lisa & Sybil.  Doesn’t care about Comcast.  There are rental DVD's.  Catholic Charities called Animal Control, and has puppies removed.
Beth: Housing First, Buckelew, CWC - pay the vet, could do hands on work. I am trying to leave to go to school.
Ken: Possible to have one cable line to office, & have line turned on.  Then that line to Hub to feed to all rooms.  Should be under $5,000.
Jim: Supposed to possibly put in a hotspot for internet access. Concrete block construction makes it difficult for signal to get everywhere.
Judy-Akosh: Can I just get a retractable screen door for air? Just a suggestion.  Need county bus passes, living room never has any.
Linda: Rotate washing days.  Don’t call pound on my dog.  Put community first.
Jim: For a variety of different reasons, a lot of things need delineation.  No personal end of life planning.  Need backup plans to put agreements in place.  Who is next of kin?  Needs to be in writing.  Most of the actions are taken for the benefit of community.  A lot of residents disagree.
Danielle: Bullshit.
Linda: They don't live here.
Jennilynn: Clarified.
Danielle: Fridge, no freezer.  Told about refrigerator problems, now none!  Lost weight, now 103 lbs. Been here 10 months.  Has minibar, some people don’t have fridge.  Ate better as homeless.
Akosh: No freezer, can't eat all foods.
Marshall: Should have direct authority.  One person from Resident Advisory Council should go to staff meetings.  Advisory council failed - checks & balances.  Representative from advisory should be part of staff - to work on Airway drive, then could bring things to attention.
Roy: Authority - equivocal opinion. Rep to staff. this is about poverty.  Offered a good job at $20/hr.  Get employment, jobs, sheltered employment.
Beth: logistics - two people in one room, loves to cook, wants larger fridge to match 2 people in room, large beds for short people, short beds for large people, match rooms with people.
Lisa: How rules are enforced.  Friend's car broke down, so now she is banned from property forever?  Dog issue, Matt slammed door in face.  Her dog went to see, then told Bianca stood and lied, that she saw dog bite someone, then Cindi said none is true.
Anita: Next of kin should be on application form.   Internet - no computers used at home anymore.
Bradley Krause: Cable & telephone. 18 key lines in every room, just needs to be switched on.  Animals - extra fees.  Community at-large controls.  Prostitutes & drugs - told to call police.  Can't leave because when she comes back, something is wrong.  Actions without proper notification - Neighborhood watch.
Adrienne: Grievance procedure.  Tenant advisor.
Victoria: Need vehicle for redress of grievances.
Danielle - People complain to her about things, but people are afraid to complain.  Asked Catholic Charities,  No $. Vatican doesn’t have $?
Marshall: Some things said are clear, and others don’t get the point; Votes for Victoria for President.
Lisa: This is a successful meeting, and it should take place on a monthly basis.
Adrienne: Homeless Action!! is here every third Thursday, and we should see if we can do a letter campaign to Sonic.
Greg: letter campaign to editor of Press Democrat.
Beth: $50/day to clean up around here, because could have paid car insurance, but instead lost her car.  Get a modem through Sprint.
Judy: Worked in corporate America for 33 years, and communication is important. Need follow thru.
Beth: Solution - follow RAC outline from public housing authority.
Jennilynn:  A lot of misconceptions, and need to clear them up before one can jump to a solution.  Need to explain a lot, no suggestions. 
Beth said she did understand.
Danielle: The left-hand doesn't know what the right-hand is doing.
Jim: Not very concrete.
Danielle: You've got to be kidding.
Jim: Is a grievance process re: refrig.  They are smaller because not enough electricity to each room.  Plumbing also limited - infrastructure is not there.
Jennilynn: Needs to research about some things.  A lot of blood, swear and tears, so we must remember what we are here to do.  Nothing is punitive.  Some things are done just to be able to keep doors open due to funding priorities.  Akosh donated refrigerators.  Keep in mind overall project.  Some things in our control, and some things are out of our control.  RAC - not something had to do, but wanted to.  We need more guidance or linkage.  Need communal decisions that everybody can live with.  We need this project to be successful.  Last year, mid-winter tried to get people in fast.  Let’s fix what we can, and also make sure of funding. Danielle has a point.
Jackie: Thanked Jennilynn and everybody.  Type up list, and bring it back next week.  Each week, tackle a couple of topics.
Adrienne: Thanked everybody who came.

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