Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Polling Opinion, Santa Rosa City Council Meeting, June 28th

Dear City Council Members,

Thanks for setting up the polling for Measure P and Measure O.

There's some encouraging results.  In particular,
1) the sense that people are more favorable to city government
& feel positive about city services.
2) that information that the Measure P extension only requires
a majority vote and a large majority agreed with the 1/2 cent
alternative as well as the 1/4 cent.

I am concerned that the questions related to a possible
$30 million dollar housing bond were not polled thoroughly
enough for an accurate assessment.

There seems to be a great deal of support for housing
and action on homelessness.  The low numbers of support
in the one direct question about a potential housing bond
seem out of proportion with these other findings.

Here's the details:
Housing & Homelessness are seen as the biggest City
problems (p. 6).  Housing  polled as a higher concern
than gangs and youth violence (p. 8).

Instead of asking about bonds to build more housing, the
question (p. 26) is about "projects and programs, helping
to increase the supply of housing options...."

No questions were asked about insuring there is sufficient
housing stock.

A question about providing "services" to make housing
more affordable drew 70% favorable response (p.12).

Providing "services" to reduce homelessness drew a 60%
favorable response (p.13).

I hope you will do more detailed polling on this particular

Thanks, as always,
Homeless Action! member


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