Monday, February 1, 2016

Praise from a Sonoma County Homeless Person

By Cynthia Stebbins

I attended the event held by Homeless Action! On January 19th, 2016.  There were a couple of ‘Homeless Speak-up’ sessions whereby homeless folks in SC had their voice heard.  Due to time constraints I was not able to speak my piece…or better said….peace.   This is what I wanted to say…..

I commend and praise Sonoma County for services rendered me through this first-time journey of my life.  Has it been easy?  No!  Has it been fun? No!  And I, through persistence, perseverance, pro-activity and positive thinking (I call that my 4-P’s) I discovered the existence and abundance of homeless services in this county.  Folks, I had to in many cases dig.  And they were to be found! 

Services for food (hot meals included), shelter, transportation, clothing, showers, health care, group support, employment-seeking support, spiritual guidance and communication services – the list can go on and yes, the federal government and state government stepped up to the plate for some of this support.  I am amazed and I am still homeless but not hopeless. 

I strongly agree the ‘Housing Crisis’ in this county is of epic proportions and requires immediate action.  This is the first time in 30 years I have been faced with paying rent for a roof over my head (I was a homeowner prior homelessness).  I am saddened and aghast and vow to do what I can to make changes in this arena.  I can honestly say I would not trade this ‘homeless experience’ for anything.  Under the circumstances I am still blessed.  

I WILL climb out of this and make a difference in the process. 
I am currently involved in the Homeless Action! Group and (here is a plug) looking for employment…

I have a degree in Computer Engineering and worked in that arena for 20 years in software and IT services.   I have eight years experience in real estate and have worked as an administrative assistant.  

Cynthia Stebbins

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